Our Culture

We are a team.  All were chosen because they are our equals, or better.

We hire people we vibe with.  We're proud to call each team member "friend", this is easy given that we've all agreed on certain foundational virtues that keep us getting on like peas and carrots:

  • Curiosity: We value ingenuity, creative problem solving and a genuine curiosity for growth and improvement.
  • Humility: Being humble and knowing that there are opportunities to learn from everyone we cross paths with keeps us innovating.
  • Supportive: "Not my job" is a death knell around here.  We do not leave any team member to flounder.  We support one another.
  • Open-Minded: Everyone has an equal voice in our offices and is free to share new ideas and voice concerns no matter the audience.
  • Passionate: We all possess genuine excitement about what we are building together.
  • Playful: There are some smart cookies here, but no one takes themselves too seriously and making time for fun is mandatory.
  • Honest: We count on one another for candid, constructive feedback...even when it may not always be exactly what we want to hear.