Token Partners

We've chosen some incredible technology platforms to monitor.  Through time and diligence, we will discover and reward token projects that merit the backing of bitcoinR's currency, XBR.

Digital Goals

Digital Goals is our primary technology partner who serves as the development manager of our underlying blockchain technology.  In addition to bitcoinR, Digital Goals is formulating and designing new economic and technological models for the blockchain industry.  Over the course of time, we may choose to back select Digital Goals token projects with XBR; though, they will undergo the same due diligence process as tokens from other potential partners.




Ethereum is a blockchain that leverages smart contract (scripting) functionality to automatically execute tasks based upon a set of conditions.

They are the largest platform for third-party crypto-tokens on Earth.




Neo is a blockchain that leverages smart contract functionality in conjunction with the digitization of assets and verifiable digital identity to enable governmental regulation.

Primarily based in Asia, Neo seems to be China's answer to Ethereum.




EOS is a blockchain built as a decentralized system with the goal of enabling the development, hosting, and execution of commercial-scale applications.

Designed by Dan Larimer, we expect nothing but amazing things.




Stellar is a digital payment technology that endeavors to connect financial institutions while reducing the cost and time it takes to transfer funds across borders.

Founded by one of the inventors of XRP, Stellar has a promising future.




Harbor is a blockchain platform for the tokenization of regulated private securities products such as real estate, company equity, and fine art.

Similarly to bitcoinR, Harbor understands the importance of a proactively collaborative mindset regarding regulation and compliance.


Enigma is a blockchain security protocol that enables improved security for information stored in smart contracts and on the blockchain, such as PII.

Conceived in MIT's D-Lab, Enigma endeavors to take on the credit reporting industry as one of their major proof of concepts.

Token Partner Evaluations

Given the finite amount of XBR, and the even smaller amount that we have to dedicate to our Token Exchange Program, we have to be incredibly selective regarding potential partners.  Here are some high-level criteria:


Our ideal token partners are early-stage, preferably pre-launch.  Economic and technical advisement are some of the many perks we offer to our partners.  We want to be a part of your strategic evolution so that we can help you become the best version of yourself.


We work with token offerings that have already gone through the launch process.  In some cases, we may partner with post-launch token offerings and support you through gaining critical mass and work through scaling your product.