Economic FAQ

How do I buy XBR?
Is the supply of XBR limited?
How many XBR are generated per day?
How will the price of XBR be stabilized?
What is the bitcoinR block reward amount?
How many bitcoinR blocks were mined by XBR, LLC?
Are you giving away XBR on Twitter?
Is XBR guaranteed to hit $1,000 USD per unit?

Regulatory FAQs


Is bitcoinR legal?
Why is bitcoinR considered to be a "regulated" currency?
How do I get a copy of bitcoinR's U.S. Treasury (FinCEN) filings?

Technology FAQs

Is bitcoinR different than Bitcoin?
Is bitcoinR secure?
How do I mine bitcoinR XBR currency units?
What is the time between bitcoinR blocks?
How many bitcoinR blocks are generated per day?
What is the bitcoinR block halving rate?

Governance FAQs

When was bitcoinR incorporated?
Where is bitcoinR headquartered?
How many employees does bitcoinR have?
What is bitcoinR's fiscal year?
How can I purchase bitcoinR stock?

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