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There are literally millions of blogs out there, but only one OFFICIAL bitcoinR blog.  You'll be able to find out when we post sweet new articles by following our official Twitter handle.  We'll cover topics surrounding the broader ecosystem of blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications, financial markets and our thoughts about the world of digital currency.

Our aim, specifically, is to write insightful posts to help our ecosystem grow and mature.  We hope that you'll consider these blogs an invitation to respond with your own thoughts.  Dialogues are more fun than monologues.

The CryptoBubble Podcast

We did a podcast thing.  It's centered around all things cryptocurrency.

Our hosts (Daniel & Nicholas) babble and prattle along in a good-hearted attempt to help our listeners learn stuff about crypto.  They try to keep each episode under an hour to make sure you don't fall asleep at the wheel if you listen while commuting.

Each podcast episode centers around five primary points of discussion:

  • Current Events:  Breaking news in the blockchain space.
  • Crypto Topics:  A selection of key topics to educate our listeners in.
  • Guest Interview:  Kickass smart crypto peeps talking about blockchain.
  • Coin Review:  An emoji-grade review of cryptocurrencies that's easy to follow.
  • Mailbag:  Actively solicited feedback about our show (Tell us when we mess up or get it right!).

You can find us on SoundCloud.  Also, we actively reward listeners who screenshot their 5-star reviews and send to [email protected].


We are preparing for parabolic growth.  Here are our top 3 openings:

Presently, our Technical Team is run by Nicholas.  He's a pretty smart guy, but could use a little help in the daily code tweaks necessary to evolve the bitcoinR network into a world-class software.  

Man.  We know some cool hackers.  Too bad the hackers that are out there stealing crypto aren't the cool kind.  We need a true wizard to craft a defense against the dark arts for the bitcoinR network.  

Smoke Test.  User Acceptance Test.  Regression.  We are looking for a unicorn who has a strong attention to detail, a relentless desire for documentation and the stomach for some serious repetition. 

The quickest way to hear back is to use our little chat bubble at the lower right hand corner of each page.

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The quickest way to hear back is to use our chat service.

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Media Kit

We like when you talk about us.  Here are some resources to help you do that.

We've put together downloadable versions of our brand assets so that you have high-quality versions of things like our logos and team photos to include in your articles.


To go along with it, we also wrote up some guidelines.