What is bitcoinR?

bitcoinR is a hybrid peer-to-peer transaction platform with decentralized nodes & centralized governance.


The bitcoinR currency (XBR) was created to serve as the global-reserve-cryptocurrency with a fixed supply and transparent valuation.  XBR is further intended to back select utility token offerings of merit by providing a fixed exchange rate. 


When recognized by the wider market, these cryptonomic pegs provide underlying economic stability designed to promote the exchange of human work for monetary value.

bitcoinR: What does the R mean?

Regulation, we embrace it.

We believe in the need for consumer protection and governmental alignment.


Historically, the purpose of governing cryptocurrencies as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) is arguably to avoid regulation by government entities.  As an unintended consequence, de facto regulation emerges as the wishes of the majority holders of any cryptocurrency impose their will upon the developers and the codebase.


bitcoinR will self-select into government regulation in the United States of America.  We opted to become regulated in the largest capital market on the planet as a means to encourage participation with and faith in the bitcoinR network and associated XBR digital currency.


We expect this to encourage enthusiastic participation by individual citizens as well as regulated entities such as banks, financial services firms and insurance companies.


As administrators of the XBR currency, we are regulated by the U.S. Dept of Treasury.

X11 Mining Client for Windows™

The X11 hashing algorithm was selected for redundancy & ASIC miner resistance.

Store of Value

XBR was designed for micro-transactions and as a macroeconomic lever.

Expert Team

Each member of the bitcoinR team was hand selected for their individual expertise.

Target Price Stability: Year 2022

The price of XBR will free-float until the beginning of 2022 open market operations (XBR OMO).

Fair Initial Distribution

XBR has been divided 44/56 between ongoing operations & our consensus community for our 100 year plan.

Participating in the bitcoinR Network

Three Methods of XBR Acquisition



XBR may be offered in U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filed offerings for purchase by investors.


XBR may be acquired through the provision of human effort against a "bounty" or need posted by the bitcoinR network.



The Early Mining Period (EMP) will operate under the premise of Know Your Miner (KYM) and will involve registration & licensing.

Our Team

Our team's experience spans the breadths of technology, economics, mathemetics and the financial markets. 

Nicholas Chavez


Dr. Sumeet Malhotra

Distributed Computing Advisor

Khalid Malik

Machine Learning Advisor

Jessica Liu

Economic Advisor

Russ Vigil 

Legal Scholar, Advisor

Daniel Brenner

Cryptography & Mathematics Advisor

David Villecco

Finance & Operations Advisor

Tyler Cheeseman

PoW Mining Advisor

John Holena

Quantitative Engineering Advisor

Corey Ciocchetti

Ethics Advisor